The Design Build Process

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Month #1

Meet with Mitch

To kick off the build process, you will meet with Mitch Goldman, our Principal, to discuss your dreams for your home.  Mitch will work with you to generate a ballpark number for your budget in a way that can make your dreams a reality.
Month #1 - Month #3

Work with Design Consultants

You will work closely with the Architect to fashion the home of your dreams. Our Designer will walk you through the numerous selections and guide you to help stay within your budget.
Month #4 - Month #6

Set Up Construction Financing

After determining the Construction Financing option that is best for you, you will be able to use the estimate provided by Apex Homes to settle your funding in time for construction.
Month #7 - Month #18

Construction to Move In

Your input in the Construction is very valuable to us. With thorough planning and good communication, we work together to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. There will be a number of scheduled meetings and project walks throughout the construction process, in which you will review the progress and specifications for your home with the Apex Team.


Month #1 - Month #3

Present Pre-Construction Contract

Apex will present a Pre-Construction contract to the Homeowners in which we agree to provide the services necessary to bring the project to Construction. This includes referring an Architect and Engineer, working with our Designer, Permitting, guidance in the Construction Loan process and Site Preparation. After signing the agreement, we will immediately begin working together with your consultants to ensure a consistent, budgeted and ideal plan is created for the construction of your home.

Month #4 - Month #6

Pre-Construction and Estimating

While performing all pre-construction activities, Apex will work with the complete set of Architectural and Structural plans to provide an extensive estimate for the construction of your home. We will work together to complete a General Contractor’s Agreement with the issuing of the Building Permit. 

Month #7 - Month #18

Construction to Move In

Construction time can vary between 8 and 12 months. Throughout the construction process, our Apex Team will work together to create the home of your dreams. Our Project Manager will oversee the construction using the using the Architectural Plans, while our designer ensures that your vision for every detail is realized. Our Office Staff will work to keep you informed regularly of where we stand with the financial costs. You will be able to view the actual costs over the course of the construction.




Operations Manager

Marcella Domonkos

Interior Design Consultant and Client Relations